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The Hot Compress Function Makes PICOOC Y1 Massage Gun A Powerful Tool For Muscle Recovery And Relaxation!

The Hot Compress Function Makes PICOOC Y1 Massage Gun A Powerful Tool For Muscle Recovery And Relaxation! PICOOC
Due to incorrect posture or lack of exercise for extended periods, muscle fatigue and soreness have become common problems in people's daily work and life. Both heat therapy and massage are good ways to relieve muscle pain and stiffness.

"Medical research has shown that deep muscle stimulation devices (DMS), the precursor to fascia guns, combined with hot compress therapy, have significant clinical effects on myofascial pain syndrome." The conclusion is from the Journal of Chronic Diseases, 1674-8166, 2018, S1. The heated massage gun enables a dual muscle relaxation effect of both heating and massage, providing faster and more effective muscle pain relaxation.

To provide users with faster and more convenient muscle relaxation, PICOOC, a technology brand specializing in the fitness and personal care industry, has collaborated with the Chinese World Champion Sports Team to develop their new product, PICOOC Y1 Massage Gun. It is equipped with Intel-Heating heating technology and has more than ten patented heating head technologies. With a fast heating design, it can reach the highest temperature in 8s. PICOOC Y1 massage gun features a heating temperature range of 36-45°C, with four adjustable temperature levels that can be customized based on individual skin sensitivity.

Compared to traditional massage guns, PICOOC Y1 uses high-frequency impact to quickly transfer heat to the muscles, effectively relieving muscle fatigue and soreness, and improving efficiency by two times. With rapid heating technology and appropriate vibration frequency, it is more user-friendly and safe for individuals with muscle sensitivity and easy fatigue.

PICOOC Y1 heated massage gun is a powerful tool for muscle recovery and relaxation. Whether it is muscle tension and soreness caused by work or warming up before exercise and muscle relaxation after exercise, this massage gun can provide effective relaxation.

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