Mini Pro

Mini Pro Smart Scale

Step On Up to Smart Health Management

Safety and Comfortable

Track Subtle Changes in Your Body

Picooc Mini Pro utilizes Multi-frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis (MF-BIA) technology to deliver precise and immediate feedback on a range of body indicators.

Updated Precise Sensors

Dual-core CPU and 4 high-precision weighing sensors, it can track your body weight with 0.2 lb/0.1kg accuracy to ensure measurable results in a row are accurate.

Measuring Range: 18-330lb (8-150kg)

Health Is More Than Just Weight

Monitor your progress towards a healthier you with detailed body analysis and tracking. PICOOC Mini Pro offers 25 physical health-related indices, allowing you to gain a better understanding of your overall physical condition.

Accurate Health Assessments for Everyone

By further subdividing the human body composition model into four groups, it provides a more precise and professional measurement experience for users worldwide.

*PICOOC collaborated with researchers from the Physiological Sciences Laboratory at the University of Chicago to jointly develop body composition analysis models.

Health Evaluation System PHMS™

Utilizing the health evaluation system PHMS™, it performs cross-analysis of your continuous personal body data and behavior to offer a comprehensive assessment and monitoring of your overall health, providing you with personalized health suggestions and guidance.

Balance Is Key to A Stable and Healthy Body

Good balance can reduce the risk of falls and joint injuries. This scale is equipped with a balance test, which can gain insight into your motor control ability and help you develop a more effective exercise plan.

Your Health and Fitness Coach

Analyze each body measurement, identify areas for improvement, and highlight specific indicators that require attention.

Visualize Your Weight Loss Progress

Track your weight loss journey with ease and witness your progress through dynamic curve graphs. Receive regular health reports and analysis of your weight loss trends to stay on top of your goals.

One Scale for Whole Family

Picooc Mini Lite is an excellent choice for families who value health and fitness. With its automatic user recognition and Bluetooth connectivity that supports an unlimited number of users, this smart scale can benefit everyone

Take Control of Your Health Journey

Compatible with popular health management apps for convenient and comprehensive health management.

Apple Health

Google Fit


Samsung Health

HeadingOne Scale for All Your Needs

Experience versatile and practical weight measurement with our body composition scale, designed to meet your daily needs with ease and convenience.