PICOOC App is suitable for PICOOC body fat scales, including Basic, Mini Lite, Mini Pro, S1 Pro, S3, S3 Lite, PICOOC smart body fat scales can accurately analyze and track body composition measurements, You can get a comprehensive and detailed look at the changes in your body. Have smart scale for body weight to help you live a healthy life!


PICOOC Jump App is suitable for PICOOC jump rope, PICOOC Jump App via Bluetooth to save all your skipping workout data and monitor your skip time, total skip number, calories burned, etc to analyze your periodic workout data. Helping you reach your fitness goal and making skipping more scientific and not boring.


PICOOC Care App is suitable for PICOOC Electric toothbrush, Adjust the brushing time to dentist-recommended time with sonic toothbrush app. Make sure you have enough brushing time. Accuracy position sensor for real-time personalized brushing guidance to track your coverage, frequency and duration. You can improve brushing habits with in-app progress reprot.