S3 Lite Wi-Fi Scale

S3 Lite Smart Scale

-25 Body Indicators
-Picooc PHMS™
-Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Upgrade Your Bathroom with A Stylish Rectangular Scale

The rectangular design offers increased stability, and better weight distribution, and accommodates larger feet. It is also aesthetically pleasing and easy to store, saving space in your bathroom.

Lucky Clover of Body Fat Scales

Boasting a stylish and high-end appearance, it features a unique four-leaf clover inspired design and white weighing surface.

25 Body Composition Data Analyzine

Discover Your Body's Story

25 physical health-related indices in PICOOC App, enabling you to gain a better understanding of your overall physical condition.

Health Evaluation System PHMS™

Utilizing the health evaluation system PHMS™, it performs cross-analysis of your continuous personal body data and behavior to offer a comprehensive assessment and monitoring of your overall health, providing you with personalized health suggestions and guidance.

Customized Analysis by AI-powered Dr. S

Provides customized analysis to help users make informed decisions about their diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle habits.

Track Your Process Without Your Phone

Weighing is simple and convenient with WiFi connectivity – just step on the scale, no need to open the phone app.

Compatible with popular health management apps for convenient and comprehensive health management.

Apple Health

Google Fit


Samsung Health

Balance Is Key to A Stable and Healthy Body

Good balance can reduce the risk of falls and joint injuries. This scale is equipped with a balance test, which can gain insight into your motor control ability and help you develop a more effective exercise plan.

Heart Rate MonitorConcern about heart health

Four Main Human Population Groups

By further subdividing the human body composition model into four groups, it provides a more precise and professional measurement experience for users worldwide.

*PICOOC collaborated with researchers from the Physiological Sciences Laboratory at the University of Chicago to jointly develop body composition analysis models.

One Scale for All Your Needs

S3 Lite scale offers multiple modes, each designed to be practical and suitable for different daily measurement needs.

Standard Mode

Athletic Mode

Baby Mode

Small-object Mode

Pet Mode