Basic Bathroom Scale

-8 Key Fitness Metrics
-High-Precision Sensors
-Unlimited User

Simple yet Sophisticated

Upgrade your home decor with this sleek and stylish pure white scale, featuring a 5mm thick tempered glass platform for enhanced durability and safety.

Clear LED Display

Backlit display provides large, bright and clear numbers even in low light conditions.

Upgrade Your Weighing Game

Record your weight trends on the app and generate visual charts and reports to track your progress.
Monitor your body metrics, including Body Weight, BMI, BMR, and Body Score, for a comprehensive overview of your health.

Set Your Health Goals

Jumpstart your fitness journey towards a healthier and happier you within Picooc App.

More Practical   More Precise

High-precision weighing of small items with a precision of 0.01 kg, making it suitable and practical for different measurement needs in daily life.

Meet the Diverse Needs of Daily Life

It offers four modes to choose from: Standard, Baby Holding, Small-object Weighing, and Pet. With these versatile modes, it is more suitable and practical for different measurement needs in daily life.

Health care for Your Family

Supports unlimited user registration and provides personalized health advice based on each user's basic information.
It is compatible with popular health management apps, allowing for convenient and comprehensive health management.

Accurate Measurement

Equipped with high-precision sensors to accurately perceive your daily subtle changes

Unlimited Safety and Convenience

Designed for universal use, this scale does not utilize bioimpedance technology, ensuring that it can be used by anyone without any safety concerns or restrictions.