Toothbrush T1

Smart Sonic Electric Toothbrush T1

Next-level AI-powered Toothbrush for Optimal Oral Hygiene

A Smart Toothbrush with Cutting-Edge Technology


Picooc Care APP


Premium Brush

Long Battery


Upgrade Your Oral Care with anAI-powered Toothbrush

Picooc T1 features advanced AI algorithms and multiple-axis sensors to accurately identify different areas in the mouth, providing customized brushing frequencies and intensities for optimal dental care and gum health.

Real-time Guidance for Effective Tooth Brushing

Picooc Care App provides AI interactive brushing video guidance, helping users master scientifically validated Bass brushing techniques for thorough oral cleaning.

Never Miss A Spot

Picooc App tracks your brushing in a real time, ensuring a thorough and complete clean every time. It records and analyzes your brushing behavior and provides personalized feedback to improve any problematic brushing techniques or methods.

Taking Better Care of Your Trouble Areas

You can define your oral condition and customize a personalized brushing plan in Picooc Care APP. With regular follow-ups and updated plans based on changes in your oral condition, you'll always receive personalized attention to address your unique oral care needs and achieve optimal dental health.

Personalize Your Brushing

Our toothbrush delivers a next-level professional clean feeling with four professional brush modes and three intensity levels. Select the brushing mode that meets your specific needs and preferences.




Enjoy Extended Usage Time

T1 provides180-240 days of use on a single charge, and you don't have to worry about frequent charging or running out of battery mid-brush.

Premium Brush Heads for Better Experience

Picooc T1 boasts diamond-shaped bristles for a deeper clean than regular bristles, removing up to 10X more plaque. The fading brush head reminds you when it's time to replace it for sustained cleaning performance.

IPX7 rated waterproof design.

T1 has a powerful waterproof function that allows you to use it in the bathroom or other damp environments. You can even brush your teeth while taking a shower without any issues, making it more convenient for daily use.