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Why do you need a smart body fat scale?

Same Weight ≠ Same Body Shape

Body shape is not determined by weight alone, but also by muscle and fat composition. Knowing your body fat percentage is more important than knowing your weight.

The principle of the body fat scale is that muscle contains more water such as blood, which can conduct electricity, while fat is non-conductive. So it is possible to calculate the electrical resistance by passing a tiny electric current through the body, thus calculating the body fat percentage through a series of formulas.

Why our body fat scale measure so accurately?


PICOOC body fat scale is equipped with Dual-core CPU and 4 high-precision weighing sensors, it can track your body weight with 0.2 lb/0.1kg accuracy to ensure measurable results in a row are accurate.


Based on a database of over 900 million models of human physiological data, it intelligently matches user body features and accurately measures body composition, resulting in more reliable outcomes.


PICOOC collaborated with researchers from the Physiological Sciences Laboratory of the University of Chicago to further subdivide the human body composition model. Jointly developed body composition analysis models including White, Asian, Black, Latino, and other races to provide a more accurate and professional measurement experience for global users.

Seamless App Experience

You can use our App to track and manage your health anytime, anywhere!

How to exercise and diet?

The AI-powered 'Dr. S', developed in collaboration between Picooc and the University of Chicago, Provides customized analysis to help users make informed decisions about their diet, exercise routine, and lifestyle habits.


Jumpstart your fitness journey towards a healthier and happier you within Picooc Smart Body Fat Scale.