PICOOC Launches H1 Heated Massage Gun to Relieve Deep Muscle Fatigue and Tension Faster and More Effectively

PICOOC Launches H1 Heated Massage Gun to Relieve Deep Muscle Fatigue and Tension Faster and More Effectively PICOOC

In today's world, more and more people are looking for ways to improve their quality of life. Whether it's from work or exercise, most of us experience muscle soreness and fatigue that can be hard to shake off. As a result, we're always searching for a simple and comfortable way to relax and ease our physical pain.

PICOOC, a technology brand focused on personal health for the past decade, has released its latest product, the PICOOOC H1 Heated Massage Gun. This innovative massage gun aligns with PICOOC's "Quality for Life" brand proposition by incorporating Inter-Heating technology and frequency conversion technology, thereby doubling the massage efficiency and delivering an unparalleled massage experience, which makes health and wellness now more accessible.

"We aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle, helping people better manage their health, and maintaining the best physical condition," said Gary, CEO of PICOOC . "In developing the PICOOC H1 massage gun, we invited professional athletes to participate to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. We strive to listen to the voices and ideas of users and professionals alike to help people quickly and efficiently relieve muscle tension and soreness. We want more people to realize that muscle fatigue and injury can be easily resolved. Don't let the poor condition of your muscles affect your life. It's not difficult to do, and you just need a PICOOC Heated Massage Gun."

The PICOOC H1 Heated Massage Gun is a powerful recovery tool designed to restore overworked muscles or otherwise muscles in poor condition to their best condition. Unlike ordinary massage guns, PICOOC has incorporated heating and frequency conversion modes into its development, greatly improving its relaxation efficiency and massage experience when applied to muscles.

Heat therapy and percussion therapy are two scientifically validated effective treatments for muscle recovery. The H1 massage gun uses Intel-Heating technology, which can heat and strike the muscles at the same time, providing twice the relaxation effect of ordinary massage guns and twice the efficiency. It has a heating head with more than ten patents, and the effective heating temperature range is 36-45°, allowing users to adjust it according to their own skin sensitivity at any time. In addition to heating massage, the static heating mode can be conveniently used for small-scale heat therapy.

PICOOC has always prioritized user experience and simplifying healthy living through innovative technology. The H1 heated massage gun is no exception, as it incorporates two frequency conversion technologies that simulate the frequency and speed changes of a human hand massage. This enhances the massage experience and makes it more enjoyable for users.

The 4D wave brushless variable frequency motor is programmed to change its frequency and intensity, simulating the frequency and alternating intensity of a massage therapist's relaxation of muscles. It provides a relaxed and comfortable massage experience similar to that of a real human head massage. And the Smart Bounce™ pressure sensing technology allows for instant adjustment of the striking force and speed as the user's hand pressure changes, making it easier to control the frequency and intensity of the massage.

Massage guns can be used in various aspects of life, with mobility being a key consideration. The multi-functional H1 massage gun has a lightweight body that weighs only 900g, making it easy to carry around in the included carrying case. You can bring it to the gym or other places, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of a massage wherever you go. To further enhance user privacy and experience, the H1 massage gun also incorporates triple noise reduction technology, resulting in a low operating sound of no more than 50 dB. This ensures a better private massage experience, without any loud noises disrupting the relaxation process.

As massage guns continue to gain popularity within the fitness and sports communities, PICOOC is dedicated to integrating advanced technology into fitness tools, enabling people to better focus on their well-being. After all, taking care of our physical well-being can lead to a more positive and fulfilling life.

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