Come Meet the Powerful Health & Fitness App

Come Meet the Powerful Health & Fitness App PICOOC

Take control of your health & fitness with the PICOOC App

The PICOOC app is the perfect partner for all  PICOOC smart devices! One app is suitable for all PICOOC devices. This powerful app records and tracks all health metrics such as weight, body fat, blood pressure, and more. It puts the most meaningful metrics and most informative insights right on your smartphone. Helps users analyze physical changes over the years and stay healthy.


Fast data transfer technology and advanced analysis capabilities help you seamlessly track your progress.



Unlimited users, body composition analysis, blood pressure, heart rate records, etc., allow you to easily grasp the health of all family members.


The PICOOC App can help you keep track of the following anytime, anywhere to ensure you are always on the right path to your health.  


As of 2022, 20 million users worldwide have used PICOOC to track and record their health and fitness. Many of them have achieved their goals of losing weight, gaining weight, losing fat, gaining muscle, lowering blood pressure, etc. and sharing their progress through the PICOOC App.  



Live a healthier life with PICOOC from now on!


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PICOOC: Free Weight, Health Tracking App

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